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Eating while traveling : Remember you are Anthony Bourdain

food while traveling : Remember you are Anthony Bourdain The stress of travel, lost several schemes and routines can compromise your immune system, so they are becoming mature victims of bacteria from something as innocent looking as a stalk of celery. Even cold, raw soup like gazpacho could mean … Read more
It’s time that time travel Film Scientists and film historians agree that the movie time travel is growing at an unprecedented rate. This follows the current crop of films in multiplexes want to start with a romantic comedy written and directed by Richard Curtis About … Read more

Traveling latest news

Travel Tips in style and comfort, as evidenced Jetsetters fashion Airports recently become catwalk fashion casual. Gone are the days when a pair of leggings and his college jersey are pretty good for travel between countries. Celebrities and fashion bloggers raise standards on how to fly … Read more France warns citizens traveling Cleveland, other U.S. cities WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 (UPI) – France published a list of guidelines from various U.S. cities, including Cleveland, which has angered the local MPs. The list is published on the site and the French ministry aims to warn the French … Read more

Traveling latest news

American travel Cuba in record numbers The U.S. citizens are prohibited from traveling to Cuba without government permission under the U.S. trade embargo imposed half a century ago that may be raised by Congress. The increase in visitors from the United States partly reflects the easing of restrictions on travel to … Read more Japanese Travel Agency mission sweet stuffed animal Unagi Travel is a travel agency Japanese plush toys, sending favorite toys adventure travel when the owner is very ill and can not do it alone. Founder Sonoe Azuma is as stuffed animals with him for the past three years, so … Read more
Medical Tourism: What is the risk of travel care (CBS News) U.S. spend more on health care than any other country. The costs could force Americans uninsured or insured to travel abroad for medical treatment, often at a fraction of the cost. This resulted in one of the fastest … Read more