Orlando Holiday Villas – The Right Choice For Your Florida Vacation?

Every year, millions of tourists visit Central Florida, and most of them opt for traditional hotel stays – but many are increasingly choosing the alternative to Orlando vacation villas. Whether one is better than another for your holiday depends on your preferences, so this article aims to give you the pros and cons of each one so you can decide for yourself.

First and foremost are hotels and perhaps the best known of these Disney World resort hotels – these may be your best option if you have a small group or if you intend to spend almost your entire vacation in Orlando out and back in Walt Disney 39; s theme parks. See travel package deals that give you park passes as part of the total cost and compare this to your expenses if you were to purchase tickets separately. Be aware of the benefits of free transportation (though some local hotels offer free shuttle buses) and extended park hours (if applicable), and this may be the best option for your budget.

One cost that should be included in your planning is any rental expense. If you are planning to fly down to Florida and stay at a hotel that offers park transportation, you may not need to rent a car. Even if you drive down so you have no car hire costs, you can still avoid parking and gas tax if the hotel can provide you with the transportation you need.

Another benefit that some families appreciate in a hotel is the ability to meet friends with their children in the pool or gym. Many families find that their children need some additional distraction when they & # 39; are thrown together for an extended period of time, and the hotel's redirects, such as a video game room or pool table, can help spread the family's tension and arguments – important if the holidays are to provide the required relaxation and benefit.

To complete the hotel research, you also need to think about the quality and security benefits that you get. Security: You can pay by credit card and comfort yourself with the protection provided by the card company in case something goes wrong. Quality: Leading hotel chains advertise their brand by standardizing the style, size and extras they provide throughout.

Compared to all this, does an Orlando vacation villa offer any benefits?

A great advantage of using Orlando vacation villas is the cost benefit if your family or group is large. Most of the homeowners or management companies price their home regardless of party size. So a 4-bedroom house that seats 12 can be far more economical than the equivalent number of hotel rooms. In addition, children sleep in their own bedrooms and let parents have a good night & # 39; s sleep privately just as they do in their own home.

The flexibility that a holiday home offers, especially not having to eat all your meals in a restaurant, is something that many people find attractive. All vacation rentals in Orlando have a fully equipped kitchen, so you can have a snack or a drink anytime you want without getting ready and going to the nearest restaurant or fast food place.

On those days when you are not in the theme park, families like the fact that most vacation rentals have their own private pool to relax in and do not have to carry all towels, pool toys and snacks down to a communal pool. They also like the fact that they can relax by the pool at night when the kids are in bed. As well as TVs and DVDs are now adding more and more detached games rooms with ping pong, soccer and electronic darts games to make sure their guests are not bored !.

So the choice is definitely yours and whether you go to Orlando vacation villas or hotel rooms, you will definitely enjoy the Disney and Florida magic.