Loews Portofino Bay Hotel – A trip to the Old Country

In these days of hectic lives and busy schedules, our leisure time has become even greater as the opportunities for relaxing seem to be so few. In addition, the many options available to the traveler aiming through them sometimes remove the joy of your vacation. Fortunately, in this day and age of modern technology, you can easily wade through your options, or if you want to remove the burden from your shoulders, you can always seek out a travel agent who will gladly help make your vacation "worry-free" without anything cost you.

As a travel agent, I have the opportunity to visit many of the places that the average traveler can consider. Knowing the product is one of the benefits of using a travel agency as opposed to using one of the many available online self-booking services. But the most important thing is that the destination chosen gives the traveler an unforgettable experience that they will cherish in the coming years. These memorable experiences begin with the chosen hotel room.

Located in the heart of Vacationland USA, Orlando, Florida, The Loews Portofino Bay Hotel is one such hotel. As part of the Universal Orlando Resort, the Portofino Bay Hotel brings the old world charm to modern entertainment. Modeled after the village of Portofino in Italy, the Portofino Bay Hotel is set in a picturesque bay where convenient water taxi service can take you from the quiet Bayside Piazza to the vibrant nightlife of Universal CityWalk or the fun and excitement of the two Universal theme parks as well like the other two on-site hotels.

Rooms at the Portofino Bay Hotel with their luxurious Italian furniture are large and comfortable, just what you want after a long day in the parks. However, the rooms are not the only attractive feature of the Portofino Bay Hotel. Guests have a wide selection of fine and relaxed dining options at the hotel. Whether serving delicious Naples or Tuscany dishes at Mama Della & # 39; s Ristorante or enjoying a leisurely meal by the pool at Splendido Pizzeria, any appetite can be satisfied right by the hotel. But your options don't end there. Several additional dining options are available just a short water taxi ride away on CityWalk or one of the other hotels.

Staying at the Portofino Bay Hotel is a memorable experience that carries benefits that extend to the two Universal theme parks. As a guest of the hotel, your room key gives you access to the Universal Express ride. This allows you to bypass the regular lines and avoid the long waiting times that sometimes occur due to the enormous popularity of the attractions.

As with most amusement hotels, Portofino Bay Hotel has special offers that are worth considering for a traveler. Whether you choose to visit during the season or stay 4, you can choose free choice, any choice you choose that brings you to Portofino Bay Hotel will be a good one.

With all the options available these days, getting quality and value for your money is something that most knowledgeable travelers look for when making travel plans. Portofino Bay Resort will meet and exceed your expectations and provide you with the memorable experience of a lifetime.