How has cheap flights played a role in tourism development in Accra?


Development is a dynamic process where one factor cannot be given full credit. The typical story of tourism development in Accra is a classic example where we can find a group of connected elements that are promoting the sector. According to the statistics available to the Ghana Tourism Board, the sector generated more than $ 2 billion in 2011, $ 1.61 billion in 2009, and 1.40 billion in 2008. In addition, the number of tourists increased significantly. More than 0.8 million tourists arrived at the end of 2009, while their number exceeded 1 million in 2011.

The story does not end here. The most important component that has made revenue so dramatic is the increase in the percentage of business tourists coming to the city. 3 years ago, out of the total number of tourists, it was 23% of businessmen, while in 2010 and 11; The percentage increased by 10%. There are several factors that have played a role in developing the tourism industry in Ghana. Below is a brief analysis of some of the important factors that have played a vital role in making the sector profitable for both domestic and international tourists.

1- The most important factor driving tourists to the city is peace and stability in the region in the recent past. No doubt, the country was one of the most beautiful places even a decade ago, but the disturbing peace and the deterioration of law and order hampered its ability to reach international tourists.

2- Second, the government’s dedicated efforts to boost the tourism sector have been very fruitful. The establishment of the Ghana Tourism Board was a correct step in this direction and helped the country to improve its international outlook and perceptions.

3- Third, an increasing number of tourists have attracted airlines and tour operators in the country that have started offering cheap flights to Accra and other cities. This has led to the growth of competition and the availability of low-cost and reliable services for local and international tourists.

4- A very important perspective that we cannot ignore is the infrastructure development by the government. A few years ago, you could hardly find any profitable place to visit the city. However, today you can find dozens of places across Accra, which attract visitors to its grandeur, beauty and landscapes.

How to find cheap flights to Ghana?

As noted earlier, the number of airlines operating in Ghana has increased over the years. This has led to healthy competition in the industry and the promotion of tourism in the country internationally. Therefore, the availability of cheap flights and broader options for tourists has increased prospects for future growth in Ghana’s tourism sector. For UK residents, there are also a lot of options for low-cost trips to Ghana.

Although almost every professional travel agency offers flights to different cities in the country, there are some specialized African agencies that offer more flights at low prices. CheapFlights-Harare, Reliance Travels UK, SkyScanner and TripAdvisor are some of the leading names in this category. The good thing about online booking and reservation service is easy access and decision making. You can open different agency pages in multi-tab browsers and compare price plans. This helps to make the most economical decision that best suits your budget and flight requirements. Additionally, the cost of the flight is not limited to airline tickets; Instead, local travel expenses and choosing service price plans have a major impact on your overall budget.

The above analysis also supports my views that no single factor can be attributed to development; Instead, it is a set of factors that lead to the development of an economy and its sub-parts. However, the tourism sector undoubtedly owes it to the brilliant competition in the aviation industry. Due to competition from over 90 airlines, the cost of travel to Africa in general and Ghana in particular has decreased. From a customer perspective, this component played the most important role in the development of the industry because it increased the purchasing power of people who were looking to visit Accra, Ghana.